We are a group of board certified, fellowship trained Physicians. Dr. Craig Yokley and Dr. Fred Johnson are interventional radiologist specializing in the vascular system. They specialize in minimally invasive procedures, using very small incisions to do procedures guided by x-rays, ultrasound, or CAT scanners. Many of these procedures are alternatives other treatments, and have the advantage of being safer, with less recovery time. Most of our interventional procedures are outpatient or require only overnight hospitalization.

Dr. Greg Patterson is a Surgeon who who focuses on general and specialized surgery, including vascular, breast, oncology, soft tissue and wound related surgery. Dr. Patterson joined the VITA practice in January 2020 and has over 20 years of experiance as a surgeon and wound care provider.

We have two Certified Physician Assistants and one Nurse Practioner-C that are on staff with us full time.