F.B. 2/16/2018:
Satisfied with everything. Everyone is so nice and patient. They are all so willing to help you and spend time with you.

Anonymous 1/19/2018:
Very professional, understandable explanations.

J.S. 1/17/2018:
Extremely pleased with care and service of the employees. Procedure has greatly improved my quality of life.

Laura B. 1/12/2018:
I have been very well pleased with the treatment I received at VITA. The office is always neat and clean and the staff is friendly and professional.

C.B. 1/10/2018:
Dr. Daniel was helpful in explaining what was the problem and the things he could do to help. He was very courteous and nice.

Miriam W. 1/5/2018:
Dr. Daniel and Dr. Yokley were very caring throughout my entire experience.

K.K. 1/8/2018:
Awesome experience and life changing procedure.

Judy W. 9/8/2017:
experience was great! Very professional. Very please with procedure and results. Thank you Dr. Daniel and Vita staff.

R. P. 9/5/2017:
the staff has always been very cheerful and polite, thank you all!!

Carol D. 9/5/2017:
All my visits have been great!!!

Anonymous 8/31/2017:
I would use the same doctor over and over again he is awesome as well as his team.

James B. 8/24/2017:
He is very considerate to and about his pt and their progress. His personallity is very open and he conversates with you about your health and you can ask him question and he gives the best answers. Any time I call or contact him he dosen't hesitate to take care of the pt I am referring. I wish we had more doctors like him.

Nick M. 8/17/2017:
extremely professional overall experience from staff to MD.

Bennie M. 8/17/2017:
My mother has been dealing with vein issues and open ulcers on both legs for almost 10 years. We had gone to several different doctors and tried numerous treatments to fix these issues. We finally came to VITA vein and Dr. Daniel and we have had the best results in such a short time. In less than 6 months we have seen the sores dissipate to being almost nonexistent. This has been a huge success.

R. L. 8/11/2017:
great staff and very nice doctor.

R.C. 8/11/2017:
very nice staff, willing to answer questions.

Jean M. 7/17/2017:
Everyone here is just great. I was treated great and everything turned out wonderful.

Arlene E. 07/07/2017:
I feel like the doctor and his team are very professional. I am very pleased with the results of my vein procedures that I have had.

S.S.H 6/30/2017:
My experience was a success. Everything that was explained was accurate. I would definitely come back. Great doctor and staff, 5 stars and beyond. Could not have better service and treatment. Keep up the good work. We as patients look forward to good customer service and great staff to take care of us when we are sick. Thanks for everything.

Therese P. 06/19/2017 :
Everyone was very kind and professional. Wonderful. I would highly recommend your staff to my friends.

Elizabeth G. 06/07/2017 :
All the workers are very patient and informative. Very helpful and always available to answer questions to any promblems.

Judith 10/07/14
The procedure went great! I had no problems at all. The nurses were superb. Great attitudes and patient care. I will be recommending to everyone

Anonymous 07/11/14
Everyone I came in contact with in the office was very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. I felt like they cared about my health. I was thoroughly pleased with the outcome of the treatment and care I received.

Louis 08/21/13
I would like to thank Dr. Daniel and his staff for a very great job they have done with the arteries in my legs. Because of them, I can now walk without pain. I did realize how much I would miss walking until I could walk. Once again, thank you Dr. Daniel for helping me to walk again.

Laurie 08/20/13
My legs used to ache so badly at night that I couldn't sleep. Dr. Yokley and his staff at VITA Veins helped my legs feel much better! Everyone is courteous and professional. They were patient with all my questions and may me feel at ease during the procedures. I never had to wait long when I arrived for my appointments. They even filed my insurance forms for me. I would recommend VITA Veins to anyone who has pain or trouble with the veins in their legs. Dr. Yokley and staff were wonderful!

Debra 04/30/13
I am very happy I had the procedure in my left leg. I had a lot of swelling and pain before. After the procedure, the swelling went down a lot, as did the pain in my leg.