Do you accept insurance?
Yes! We accept most insurances. If you have a question about your plan please call our office and we would be happy to help you.

How much does it cost?
That depends on your specific insurance plan and coverage. If you have a question about payment please call our office and we can look up that information in minutes.

Do you offer payment plans?
We do not offer in house payment plans, however, we do accept Care Credit. For more information or to find out if you qualify please click here.

Can I have a copy of my records?
Absolutely! You will be required to sign an “Authorization to Release” form which is availble by clicking here. We can also mail you a copy of the form or just stop by the office if you prefer.

What should I do if I can’t make an appointment?
Call our office at 229-226-0125 as soon as you learn that you will not be able to make it. This allows us to get you rescheduled and seen in a timely manner.

What is an ultrasound?
An ultrasound is a medical test that uses high frequency sound waves to capture live images. Most commonly used in pregnancies to view the unborn baby.

What should I wear to my ultrasound?
Ultrasounds are preformed in a private room. Patient modesty and privicy are highly respected. While not necessary, some patients choose to wear loose fitting shorts or pants if they are having an ultrasound of the legs. All patients are provided with a blanket to cover up.

Can someone come back with me?
Yes! Ultrasound is not dangerous to observe and we encourage patient education. Our ultrasound tech enjoys explaining what you are looking at on the screen to help you have a better understanding.

Will it hurt?
Ultrasounds are a NON-INVASIVE way of looking into the body. You will feel a slight pressure as the ultrasound tech moves the wand over the areas she is looking at.

Do I have to have procedures done to treat my varicose veins?
You do not have to have a varicose veins treatment done if you choose not to. Varicose veins treatments are elective, however, very few patients choose to not have treatment done after the minimally invasive technique is explained.

Will I be put to sleep for the varicose vein treatment on my legs?
No, the doctor will prescribe a topical numbing agent and an anti-anxiety tablet to use before the procedure. Once you arrive and your leg is prepped the doctor will inject a local anesthetic.

How do I know if my problem is vein or artery related and what is the difference?
This is a very common question. Simply put, arteries carry oxygenated blood through our body and down to our feet. Veins pump the de-oxygenated blood back up to the heart. Both of these can be diagnosed in our clinic using non-invasive test.