Kyphoplasty is used to treat painful compression fractures in the spine. Most people blame aging as the cause of back pain however the true cause may be a vertebral compression fracture due to osteoporosis. Prior to the procedure, your primary care physician will do a physical exam and order x-rays or other imaging such as MRI, CT, or bone scan. These test help determine the location of the fractured vertebrae and how recent the fracture occurred. This will determine if this treatment option is best for you. Kyphoplasty is performed while you are awake but sedated. Your back is numbed by a local anesthetic. Using x-ray guidance, a balloon is inserted into the fractured vertebrae through a small incision. The balloon is then inflated to create a cavity space in the bone. Once the balloons is deflated and withdrawn, the cavity is filled with bone cement. This can restore the damaged vertebrae height and may also relieve the pain. This is an outpatient procedure. The balloon kyphoplasty procedure has been reported to provide patients with significant improvements in pain, mobility, and the ability to perform daily tasks.

Contact your doctor if you experience one or more of these symptoms below:

  • Sharp, sudden back pain

  • Pain increase during standing or walking

  • Laying on the back makes pain less intense

  • Limited spinal mobility due to pain

  • Do not respond to non-surgical treatment (bed rest, ice packs, and/or pain medications.